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The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 51: JFK Inauguration & The Making Of The President (1960)

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, he has harkened to the legacy of President John F. Kennedy and his age of the New Frontier as President Elect Donald Trump sets for himself the task of bringing his own era of Make America Great into being.

In order to help make the comparison, we have in this latest episode of The Channel Hour show two great helpings of the makings of, and inauguration of, The New Frontier: live television coverage of John F. Kennedy's inauguration, along with his complete inauguration acceptance speech, and the triple Emmy award winning 1963 television film based on Theodore Whites Pulitzer Prize winning book "The Making Of The President".

In the course of the making of this episode, the ghost of JFK became mightily aroused! Wanting to speak for himself directly to our audience, he decided to break in to the closing credits of the show to make his thoughts "clear" about those issues of his own day that still remain unresolved today. We left his interruption intact and without edit, for our viewers to examine with their own consciences ;)

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